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Seed Catalogues and the Hope of Eternity

Seed Catalogues and the Hope of EternityThe cold, dreary days of December and January are very hard for us gardeners. We long to get our hands in the dirt, to see the garden filled with greenery and colorful blossoms, and to see tiny fruits growing larger daily. We want to be busy tying vines to…
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Blossoming in Christ

Blossoming in Christ Lily joined the CVYR program about a year ago. She is a quiet teenager who doesn’t say much and her attendance was a bit inconsistent when she started coming. Her family is strongly Catholic and her parents don’t speak any English, so communicating with them has been nearly impossible.When Lily started coming…
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The Neglected Garden

The Neglected Garden I had a goal for the Jeremiah Garden to be ready for planting when sessions started in mid-September. But life interfered. There were things to do, schedules to be put together, lessons to be written, rooms to organize and people to train; not to mention that it was very hot to be…
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The Jeremiah Garden June 2023

The Jeremiah Garden, June 2023 The garden has always been a place of wonder for me. I love the sound of the wind and the birds, the bees and the rustle of a lizard scurrying away. The colors are a delight to behold throughout the growing season. Right now, the Jeremiah Garden here at the…
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