Monthly Archives: March 2018

Hoof Trimming: Goat Edition!

Trimming goat hooves The Ark Petting Zoo is always a lot of fun no matter what we are doing. We spent last Tuesday trimming the goat’s hooves. They were very curious and wanted to come into the classroom area where we were working, but once they were in the classroom they tried to escape. The…
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The Jeremiah Garden’s 2018 Planting Calendar

January 1st - 5thPoppiesFlower BulbsWildflowers8th - 12thSugar Snap PeasSpinachWildflowers15th - 19thBroccoliCabbageLettuceOnionWildflowersPoppies22nd - 26thCauliflowerRadishesSpinachLettuce - 1 square29th - Feb. 2ndAsparagusBeetsSugar Snap PeasCarrotsChardBroccoliCabbage February 5th - 9thLettuceSpinachCauliflowerRadishesFlowers12th - 16thHerbsTomatoesBeetsCarrotsFlowers19th - 23rdGreen BeansCornStrawberriesSummer SquashTomatoesLettuce26th - Mar. 2ndCucumberOkraHerbsPeppersPotatoes/Sweet PotatoesStrawberriesWinter Squash/PumpkinsHerbs March 5th- 9thEggplantMelonsHerbsWinter Squash/PumpkinsTomatoesGreen BeansCorn12th - 16thTomatoesSummer SquashCucumberHerbs19th - 23rdMelonWinter Squash/PumpkinsPeppersCornHerbs26th - 30thPotatoesCornGreen BeansStrawberriesCucumber April 2nd - 6thMelonsTomatoes9th -…
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Being Missions Minded

Being more "Missions-minded" in the central valley “How can I be more ‘missional’ when I’m just an ordinary person living in the Central Valley?” That was the thought I had this morning as two of our pastors interviewed each other about a conference they recently attended. I think this is a common thought among those…
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