Blossoming in Christ

Lily joined the CVYR program about a year ago. She is a quiet teenager who doesn’t say much and her attendance was a bit inconsistent when she started coming. Her family is strongly Catholic and her parents don’t speak any English, so communicating with them has been nearly impossible.

When Lily started coming she was put in one of my sessions with another girl her age. Lily didn’t speak unless asked a direct question, and then she answered very quietly and in as few words as possible. I could see that Lily struggled with anxiety. She even does school online so she won’t have to face going into a classroom of kids.

I was thrilled that she still attended CVYR, even when we added another girl to our group. She still didn’t respond to any of our Bible lessons or activities; but I got the feeling she was listening closely with her heart, though her face was impassive. I have kept our lessons focused on the loving character of God, His promises and trustworthiness. She did the craft activities intently, and the horse activities cautiously, but always without any indication of how she felt about anything or anyone. But her attendance was improving. Then we took a break for the summer and I was afraid I wouldn’t see her again.

Lily not pictured for confidentiality

As the fall season approached, I sent several letters and postcards telling her when her sessions would start and encouraging her to come. But I didn’t know if the time away would make it too stressful for her to come back and face a bunch of people. So I prayed and prepared.

Then came the day for our first session for fall. I didn’t have to wait for Lily; she arrived a little early and obviously eager for our time together. She didn’t greet the other girls until they greeted her, but she was here and excited. During our lesson on the omniscience of God her body language was very attentive and she nodded in agreement as we talked about the confidence we can have in a God who knows everything. We talked about being able to pray to our omniscient God with complete freedom and transparency. Lily’s demeanor seemed to take on confidence and enthusiasm as we finished the lesson. She even took the plate of cookies around to all the kids and adults who were present for sessions, something I don’t think she would have done a year ago.

Praise God for his work in Lily. His word has begun to grow in her heart so that knowledge of and trust in Him can blossom and transform her from a timid and anxious girl into a confident child of God!

Thank God for CVYR. A place where a kid can feel safe, have fun, and learn about our great and mighty Savior who loves them and watches over them.

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Janet Gruchacz

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