Some kids that come to the ranch have been in neglectful and abusive situations. Children can have feelings of hopelessness and depression because the person who was meant to care and provide for them did not. It is hard for a child to see the big picture when they are struggling with overcoming such obstacles.

That’s where our rescue horse, Nutmeg, comes in.

Our rescue horse has recovered from the exact same situation. Both child and horse were supposed to be cared for with food, shelter and safety. However, that was not the case. Instead, they both suffered neglect and abuse. None of this is of their choosing, but recovery is possible. When the child hears the story of the horse’s past, and its shocking photos, they begin to bond, they understand each other and true healing can begin to happen. Combined with a mentor who can introduce the child to Jesus, the true healer, the child can see past this experience and find hope and a brighter future.

This is Nutmeg before arriving at CVYR.

She was purchased in October of 2022 at an auction, where she was to be slaughtered at only 6 years old. These photos were taken the day she arrived. Her rib bones and hips were sticking out because she was severely malnourished and starving. She was used for breeding purposes by the previous owner and not given the supplemental feed that was needed.

Nutmeg was untrained and was very un-trusting of people. All her past experiences with people were harsh and abusive so we had to build trust over time and show her things are different at the ranch. She is finally learning that she likes people!