How does my child get into the program at Crown Valley Youth Ranch?

First you must fill out an interest form. You can access the form by clicking here. Once you have finished filling out the form, it is preferred that you email the completed copy to janet@cvyr.org. If you are unable to email the form then it is permissible that you return it to the office, or mail to CVYR. You will be contacted within 72 hrs. upon receipt of form.

Email:                    janet@cvyr.org

Mail:                      P.O. Box 728, Woodlake, CA 93286

Location:              19880 Avenue 376, Woodlake, CA 93286

Do You Offer Public Tours?

Public tours are offered Monday- Thursday from 10-12pm (by appointment only) year round. We stress that an appointment is made before visiting to make sure that we can give you the best CVYR experience available.

I’d like to Vounteer to help on work days. Do you have Volunteer Work Days?

Volunteer work days are scheduled throughout the year, year round. Monthly work day calendars are posted on our home page.

Do you have Group Work Days for my church or organization?

Group work days are also available for churches, youth groups, boys and girl scouts and other organizations or private companies.

Do you offer field trips?

Yes! We love field trips. In order to schedule a field trip with us, please call at least 2 weeks ahead. We only schedule field trips on Fridays so that they do not interfere with our session times.

How Do I Volunteer?

Volunteers who are interested in helping us a few days a week or even a few hours, whether mentoring a kid or helping in ranch projects, can fill out a volunteer form and send it back to us through the ranch website for review. To fill out the Volunteer Application, click here.

What does a Session Leader do?

  • Each Session Leader is paired with a Session Intern. They work as a team with each student. Together they design and create a plan towards achieving certain goals that have been established by the student and parents, with regard to what the ranch offers.


  • During their time with each student, they teach, encourage, give hope and empower each student from based on the child’s understanding. This is achieved by “LISTENING”. We offer so much fun here at the ranch but this is only for the reason of creating an environment that earns trust.  After this we can begin.


  • In advance the Session Leading Team will put together a “Session Plan” based on the information first received by the parent interview and interest form. The first session will be an orientation which helps us become more familiar with the student and it allows the Session Leader to hang out and show you all of the possibilities the ranch has to offer. Our staff always looks forward to this day! After orientation, a customized plan will be developed by the Session Leader. They will use the interest request form, parent interview, and the orientation session as a starting point in the student’s plan development. After a plan has been made, it will be shared with the ranch director before finalizing the student’s plan.


  • At the end of each session, each mentor will follow up with an evaluation sheet. This will help understand if what we are doing is working. Also, any further information from the parent would be quite useful. We realize the value of team work, and you are part of this team, teachers, grandparents, youth pastors, counselors, and anyone else around a student can be helpful… so we encourage everyone to help add to these sessions. Feel free to contact your mentors via email or at the ranch.

What does my child do during their session at the ranch?

  • Each student is paired with a mentor that best fits them. This will be the students mentor throughout the entire program. We believe that consistency and reliability is important for our kids.
  • We always start in prayer. This is important to us at CVYR. Your child is encouraged, but not forced to pray. This is an area that we believe is personal and must be a desire from the heart and not forced.
  • Both the mentor and student will begin with a small ranch chore. (i.e. weeds, raking, grooming horses, cleaning after livestock, construction and many more opportunities.) We hope to encourage our student, your child, in contributing to the overall enjoyment of what the ranch has to offer them personally. Here at the ranch we say, “It’s free to your parents but not to you.”
  • After the chore time is completed the student can participate in an area that they have chosen to be a part of. The areas that we offer are the following; Horses, Small Animals, Nature (bugs, frogs, snakes, and lizards), Gardening, Crafts, Wood Working/Construction, Sports, Outdoor Survival, and Music (guitar). We ask each student to choose one of these for at least four sessions before choosing another subject.
  • 15 minutes before session has ended both the student and mentor will begin to clean up and close in prayer.
  • Prior to leaving, please check-out with the front office and verify your next scheduled appointment.

What is my responsibility as a parent, guardian or sponsor?

  • Parent, guardian, or sponsor must provide transportation to and from the ranch. Please be on time.
    Each student has an opportunity to have a full 90-minute session here at the ranch.  When a student arrives late it will take that time away. SESSIONS BEGIN PROMPTLY AT SCHEDULED TIMES.  WE ONLY HAVE 90 MINUTES WITH YOUR CHILD AND WE WANT THEM TO HAVE EVERY MINUTE.  If you find that you must cancel your child’s session, please inform us as soon as possible.  This will allow us to make room for another student who may be on our waiting list.  If a cancellation occurs, session cannot be rescheduled but will be continued at the next pre-scheduled date.


  • When you arrive at the ranch, please go to the main office and sign in at the front desk. Make yourselves comfortable. The mentor will be informed that you have arrived. When your student leaves for their session, feel free to relax in our parent lounge or take advantage of the time and run an errand. One little reminder: be back on time to pick them up. During the hours from 1 pm-5 pm Monday- Thursday, the session areas of the ranch are off limits to the public. This is to ensure the safety and privacy of your child.