Here at Crown Valley Youth Ranch, we have a mission. That mission is to change the lives of hurt, neglected, everyday children with the power of the Gospel. This isn’t just CVYR’s mission, this is yours too. Join us in our mission, whether it is by volunteering, enrolling your child into our program, or financially supporting us. Every ounce of support that we receive goes towards our main goal- helping kids. You can find more information on ways you can support us below:

What We Offer

To find out more about our programs and what we offer, click here. We offer a variety of programs that enable your child to learn skills and be mentored in their areas of interest.

Interest Form

If you are interested in signing your child up for the mentoring program, click here. The Interest Form is the first step to signing your child up. If you could take the time to fill this out and send it via email to and you will be contacted 72 hours upon receipt of form.


At CVYR, we love our volunteers and could not function without them. We appreciate your interest with us greatly. To be a volunteer you must first fill out an online application which you can access by clicking here and you can find more information about volunteers at our page “Volunteer Info & App”

Giving to the “Cause”

If you are willing to donate anything, whether it be a material item or financial, click here. We appreciate you consideration to contribute to this ministry, we always pray those whose hearts are willing to help. Blessings!


If you have any further questions or you feel we are unclear about a certain topic, feel free to visit our facts page by clicking here, or email us your questions at at any time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.