Monthly Archives: September 2018

A Gardener’s Trick

A Gardener's Trick Hello Friends,Did you know there are two different types of plants that will produce seeds?One type of plant produces their seeds on the outside where they are exposed, like strawberries. We call these gymnosperms. The other type of plant produces their seeds on the inside and protects them within their fruits, like…
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September Blog

September Blog “It’s knowin’ that your door is always open, and your path is free to walk…”             Something new has been added! I now have a photo tag attached to my blog. A word of explanation is in order. The hat hanging on my door has something to do with me, and it will…
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Rock Picture Holders

Rock Photo Holders Rock Photo holders are so fun to make! They are so easy, and they make great gifts. You can decorate your entire house with these little boogers! At CVYR, we have had kids use air dry clay instead of a rock, and those come out super cool as well. You can form…
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