Monthly Archives: April 2019

Sitting at His Feet

Sitting at His Feet             I have a terrible attention span. I can only sit in a classroom and focus for about 5 minutes before my brain wanders onto a rabbit trail. I blame it on my inability to relax—I have 3 jobs, I am going to school, I run a side-business, and I have…
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Gold             Sitting on a bed of pea gravel with crossed legs, I gazed across our broken pond. This pond is a water feature that has been broken since long before CVYR bought this property in 2015. To the untrained eye, a broken pond can seem worthless. It takes the imagination and adventure of a…
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Enlist in the Service

ENlist in the service             Imagine that the United States entered into another World War. There are three different categories that citizens would fall under if an event like this were to occur. The first demographic of citizens are those that choose to stay home because they do not want to leave their families or…
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