Monthly Archives: November 2018

Aubrey and the Story of Judas

Aubrey and the story of judas.        I consistently pray for my kids as I prepare for each session. I pray Ephesians 1:17-19 for them and that God would open their eyes and hearts during our time together, especially during our discipleship time. Today, I had my high energized 7-year-old who loves to talk up…
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True Confidence In Christ

True Confidence in Christ        The horse just stood there. Half asleep. Stephanie limply shook the halter grasped in her hand. Her small effort was in vain, for there was no response from the horse, again.        I headed back into the round pen to re-explain the concept of "round-penning". I kindly asked for the…
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The Secret Sign of Bitterness

The secret sign of bitterness I get annoyed at most things that breath. It's a part of my personality, and I absolutely hate it. Overly "chipper" people drive me crazy. Teenage girls wearing Calvin Klein or Pink annoy me. When people make puns or over used jokes, I sit there with a grim look on…
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