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The smartest and most complex of all creatures, source of life and comfort. Capable of world domination but would rather take home stray dogs. Always right. Probably can’t drive.

Being a woman is hard, especially the awkward “growing up” part that we have to endure. The time between our pre-teens to adult years is probably one of the most complicated and confusing time for us girls. Especially when you do not have a “normal” home dynamic, whether it be crazy siblings, absent fathers, or unfit parents setting off the balance in our homes. It’s a time where we begin to learn that the simpler times are over, and the frigid wind of teenage rebellion is upon us.

Most of us during this time in our lives have this unrealistic expectation that things will be perfect once we’re older. When we’re 13 we can’t wait to be 16. But when we’re 16 we cant wait to be 18. Then, when we’re 18 we can’t WAIT to be 21. Do you see the pattern? We’re waiting our whole lives and expecting that in time we will have things figured out. Except, I don’t think we will ever have things figured out. There will always be a stumbling block in our path. What matters is that we are close enough to Christ to be able to be satisfied with our current lives. Contentment is the key.

What I have found out about us girls is that we put our hopes of being a better version of ourselves in the hands of boys, popularity, age, you name it. In this wild journey of life, we all have to learn that finding a significant other won’t make you a happier version of yourself, and neither will hitting 500 followers on Instagram help either.

There are some serious issues that we face as typical girls. I know what it’s like. But what if you aren’t a “typical” girl? Maybe you’re looking forward to 18 because you want to get out of a house you’re afraid to live in. A house that is ruled by tyrannical leaders that hardly resemble parents. You could be a girl who doesn’t have the time to worry about first world problems, because you’re worried about problems that not many girls have to face. You could be worried about finances, about parents, about your safety, the list can go on and on. I know what that’s like too.

In this blog, I will be sharing my heart with you, what I’ve learned throughout my few years of life. My hopes are that you will find encouragement through these blogs. I want to show you God’s faithfulness through my story, and His uncontainable ability to use our hurt and weaknesses for the good of those who love Him. I will be talking about almost everything under the sun like popularity, relationships, trust issues, painful memories, healing from brokenness, breaking the chains of addiction, and so much more.

If any of you have requests on a certain subjects or issues, please email me at lacey@cvyr.org.

Stay tuned pretty girls,

Lacey Patrick

CVYR Media Specialist


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