September Blog

“It’s knowin’ that your door is always open, and your path is free to walk…”

            Something new has been added! I now have a photo tag attached to my blog. A word of explanation is in order. The hat hanging on my door has something to do with me, and it will change periodically.

I am a motorcyclist, and today (August 22) I am going to turn left instead of right at the T intersection when I leave here. That will put me on one of the best motorcycle roads in California, Highway 245. I’m taking the long way home today.

Another thing you may have noticed is that my door is open, and the coat rack is on the outside of the door. When I’m here at the ranch, I am available to anyone who wants to come in. When I’m not here in my office, you can always reach me at or click on the volunteer form at .


            A very enthusiastic young man, Nate Avila. Nate has been volunteering here at CVYR for over a year now in a very general capacity, doing a little bit of everything. As of last week, his job has become much more focused. Nate wants to serve God at CVYR by being an ambassador. He has made himself available to speak to youth groups, men’s/women’s fellowships, Sunday School classes, any group that will give him a hearing about the ministry of CVYR and how his audience can assist the ministry at the Ranch.

            If you know of a group to whom Nate can speak, please contact me: .

And now for a word from our sponsor…

          God. So I was intently listening to my pastor’s sermon one Sunday, and he referenced I Corinthians 12: 4-7. From there, my mind was off the rest of the sermon and on this passage. To summarize, the Holy Spirit gives us gifts to serve, Jesus gives us a ministry in which to use our gift, and God the Father produces the effects of that ministry.

            Since then, I have been working to apply those principles to my ministry at CVYR. Rather than putting out a blanket call for volunteers, “Y’all come and we’ll find you something to do”, our requests for volunteers are now much more specific. Yes, we will be having work days every Saturday in September and October where we say, “Y’all come”. In contrast, I have a file with job descriptions for at least 12 ministries. They include:

  • Horticulture – 3 positions from general labor to teaching
  • Mentoring – sharing your life with a young person as little as 2 hours per week, unlimited positions
  • Crafts – a researcher/writer/editor
  • Outreach – one position that is mostly web-oriented, two positions similar to Nate Avila (above)
  • Director’s Assistant – 1 to 3 positions open to answer phones, make calls, manage calendars
  • Small animal assistant
  • Photographer – sporadic duty taking and editing photos

So, if you feel that the Holy Spirit may have gifted you in one of the ministries described above, drop me an email at and let’s see if, together, we can watch the effects God produces through you.