CVYR Morning Ranch Men

Saturday mornings enjoying coffee, food, stewardship, discipleship and fellowship.

CVYR ministries will be starting a new stewardship outreach program for all men and boys coming together for fellowship, discipleship and to serve God. It’s been designed for the six year old, all the way to the ninety-nine year old. “Morning Men” will be every fourth Saturday a month throughout the calendar year at CVYR in Woodlake. Coffee will be at 6:30 a.m. for the early birds. Breakfast and fellowship at 7 a.m. followed with serving the ranch in many areas. The intent of this outreach is to bring together all men of all stages in life, sharing their life experiences, gifts,and trade skills. It is also highly geared towards the opportunities for fathers and sons of all ages to be together to spend time and learn from one another. The rest of our men will be a huge help in sharing their experiences and talents with younger fathers for the life that is ahead of them.It’s for all men.Some of the areas that we will be serving together. (13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.)


•Reading from scripture

•Clean up





•Landscaping maintenance



•Farm animal work

•Program Maintenance, repair & prepping

•Fishing gear maintenance

•And much more…

For more information you can contact Aaron Ernst at 559-936-3256 or

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CVYR Morning Ranch Men

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