Fall Planting

It’s that time again! Fall is coming. It’s been a long hot summer here in the central valley and temperatures have just dropped into the 80’s. It means it’s time to start planting your seeds for a fall crops! Last week I planted my first two garden boxes, using Mel Bartholomew’s method of square foot gardening. I planted an assortment of vegetables using companion planting so that each of them were planted next to their growing friends. Some are near herbs that will keep pesty bugs away, like planting nasturtiums next to broccoli. Nasturtiums are a natural bug repellant for some, and others love them. However, it’s a good thing that some, like aphids, will eat them as they will keep away from the broccoli. Nasturtiums are also a natural living mulch as they creep along the ground. Their growth around some vegetables even help improve flavor, not to mention the flowers can be picked and added to salads for color and their own flavor. Down below I have posted a chart of the two garden boxes I planted. If you have questions as to why certain vegetables are next to each let me know by commenting below. I put up trellises up for the rows with cucumbers, green beans, and peas. Adding a trellis is as simple as hammering two steaks into the ground and tying string across them for your plants to climb up.

Happy Fall Planting Friends!