Being more "Missions-minded" in the central valley

“How can I be more ‘missional’ when I’m just an ordinary person living in the Central Valley?” That was the thought I had this morning as two of our pastors interviewed each other about a conference they recently attended.

I think this is a common thought among those of us who are not ministry professionals. Let’s step back and take a look at this, especially in terms of Crown Valley Youth Ranch.

Here at CVYR we have people who serve on the front line.  They work with youth and mentor them, pointing them to Christ. Some folks are gifted that way. Unfortunately, we are full because we don’t have enough adults to work with the young people who need help. We have a long list of needy students waiting for adults to work with them. Right now we run two 90-minute session blocks a day for students Monday through Thursday afternoons. We are currently only able to schedule each child for one session every two weeks. We need volunteers who will help!

“But I’m not good at working with kids!” Right. Ministry doesn’t only involve direct contact with our kids. It is also doing behind-the-scenes projects and tasks to keep CVYR running. Behind every mentor and the students he or she works with is a network of volunteers who make phone calls, design advertising and artwork, visit schools and churches, maintain our Web page, and many other tasks. We need more volunteers in these areas too.

Take one step further back from the “ministry” of Crown Valley. Where do the counselors meet with their kids? We have buildings for meetings and activities. What do the kids do while they’re at the Ranch? We have programs for crafts, horticulture, small animals and large animals. We have buildings that house critters and equipment. We have both short- and long-term plans for remodeling existing structures and building new ones. All of the above require people who have the desire to work with their hands to maintain existing programs and structures, or who are interested in new construction.

If you can imagine yourself stepping back and looking behind those front-line workers at Crown Valley, you can probably begin to visualize the support structure we need and where you might fit in. The question is, where can God use your abilities, talents, and desires to work for Him?

We need help with THESE projects right now

·         Hailey is looking for up to 6 people who are willing to help her with horticulture. Spring is coming, and she has lots of plans for planting!

  • Maintenance
  • Session leaders
  •  Construction
  • Website maintenance (can be done at home)
  •  Community outreach person to PR
  • Spanish translators to act as liaison between parents and staff
  • People to help with office tasks
  • Several people to act as greeters for parents and youth when they arrive at CVYR

Here are some ongoing projects at the Ranch

  • Garden planting and design, gardening project design
  • Shop functionality- build up the shop, wood shop program, organize shop, safety
  • Petting zoo functionality, building toys for the animals to play on
  •   Craft building remodel

Future projects when funds, workers, or materials are available:

  •  Town Hall, landscaping, construction, concrete, etc.
  •  Garden building construction and functionality
  • Craft building construction and functionality

Volunteer with us!

To be a volunteer, you must fill out a volunteer questionnaire, which you can find by clicking here.