A Word From An Artist

CVYR is a place that offers something for everyone when it comes to art. First and foremost, we lift up the name of Jesus, and testify how great God’s love is. In the Bible, John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

At CVYR, kids are offered the plethora of things to do. I feel devoted to being involved in sharing art. Most of us were exposed to art at a very young age. Maybe a teacher, sibling, parent, or friend inspired you to draw or color in a coloring book. Often this came naturally.

In the world, art is all around us. You see it commercially in our society, but most of all you see it in God’s beautiful creation. It testifies of His majesty. In Genesis 1, the very first book of the Bible, it states that God created the heavens and the earth. He is the master artist!

Many artists, young and old, love to draw and paint the beauty they see in nature. Even abstract art can elude to nature. Under a microscope, cells often appear in a wild bunch of shaped and colors.

As we grow older, life happens, and many disconnect from our creative or artistic attributes. I believe creativity is life-enhancing. It is good for our souls. The Bible tells us to be useful with our hands. Even the ancient Greeks taught that a healthy person had a balance of body, mind, and soul – I believe art is good for one’s mind as well as the soul. Art teaches us all sorts of things. It teaches us to persevere, keep trying, patience, and to learn skills and be confident. Art is a way to see more, to observe the beauty around us, to look at the world though a different lens. How can one not be thankful for what God provides? No matter what medium you choose, there is always a process to learn and grow. It’s never too late.

Make art!

Linda Dickey

CVYR Session Leader

Craftsman Program Volunteer/Fine Artist

Linda Dickey

Linda Dickey

Linda Dickey is a blessing to have involved here at the Ranch. She is constantly teaching all of us as she heads studio art here in the Craftsman Program. Her fine art skills are nothing short of incredible, and her favorite mediums are oil and chalk pastel. She is finishing up a mural of a beautiful desert scene on our water tank, and she helps make signs around the ranch. Most importantly, she mentors two of our girls in session at the Ranch, and she is always seeking Jesus. Thank you, Linda, for all your selfless service!