Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

Lesson 2: How to plant

Hello Fellow CVYR Friends,Planting with kids is a lot of fun. Make your time planting an educational experience for your child and make it fun! Some of my favorite memories as a kid were in the garden with my grandmas. I learned a lot in the garden. Simple and practical things. Dedication, commitment, patients, and…
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Lesson 1: Square Foot Gardening

Lesson 1: Square Foot Gardening Hello Fellow CVYR Friends,The summer heat has been beating down and cooking our Central Valley floor the last two months.  This means our garden is exploding with produce. Our watermelons are growing and stretching out and we have been picking spaghetti acorn, and butternut squash, cucumbers, tomato, summer squash, corn,…
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Craftsman Program

Arts & Crafts / Craftsman Program We love creating masterpieces with the hands the Good Lord has given us! Whether the masterpiece is a beautifully designed oak chest or a crayon drawing, everything made by our kids is precious. Learning to work with several different mediums allows our kids to gain confidence and expand their…
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