I’m Scott and I’m a cattle rancher from Tulare County. I enjoy pack trips to the high Sierras, mules, diesel trucks, and a good steak. I always wanted to be a pirate growing up, but I get sea sick. So I decided to be a cowboy instead. If I were to be an animal, I would be a mule because they are smart, tough, and strong. My hero is the cartoon character “Droopy” the dog because he is always there for every situation.

My name is Dee Dee Johnson and I have a financial background in bookkeeping and banking.  I enjoy being a part of leadership, bringing with me the experience of over eight years in a board position with my local church. I enjoy hospitality, photography, DIY projects, organizing, missions, and of course my furry four legged friends. I always wanted to be a writer growing up. If I were an animal I would be an eagle.

Hi my name is Aaron and I have the amazing job as the director here at Crown Valley. My passions are too long to list, but here are a few: God, family, wood working, backpacking and dirt bike riding. I’ve been involved with youth since being a youth. Nothing is more rewarding then seeing a young person understand God, commit to Christ, and serve His kingdom. What is most amazing about this process is how God does it in so many amazing ways. I’m never bored in exploring God with a young person.

When I was growing up I always wanted to be a marine biologist, that was before I saw the movie JAWS. If I could be any animal it would be a wolf. They are survivors and travel in packs. My super hero is Batman! He is the real deal. No super powers, just smart and wealthy.

My name is Jazmine Shannon and I am a daughter of the True King, praise Jesus. I am a session leader here at CVYR and I coordinate the Arts and Crafts program. I am 21 years old, I am a newlywed, and I am a dog and horse momma. I live in the middle of a walnut orchard with views of the Sierra Nevadas; I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would definitely be a Pegasus if I were an animal. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a horse with wings? I could fly everywhere and be majestic, both of which I am unfamiliar. I wanted to grow up to be an architect. However, my dream job is exactly what I’m doing here at CVYR, as a kid I just didn’t think a job like this even existed! My super heroines are Wonder Woman and Super Girl, but only as an unconventional duo.

Hi friends! I’m Hailey and I grew up here in the Central Valley. I attended Cedarville University where I earned my bachelors in Social Work and minored in biblical studies. Kids are my passion. While I get the privilege of being a full time Session Leader I also get the privilege of being the Horticulture Coordinator. If I could be any animal it would be a duck because they can fly, swim, and float. If they don’t make a good pet, they taste great! Growing up, if I couldn’t be a cowgirl I wanted to be a dentist. I must have been out of my mind, mouths are gross. My hero? Elmo.

Hi! I’m Lacey and I grew up in the hills of Orosi on a cattle ranch. I never thought I’d continue living the ranch life, but here I am. I was saved when I as 12 years old and have been serving the Lord ever since. He led me to Crown Valley when I was 16. I began as an intern and interned for 2 years before I was old enough to be officially hired. Praise God that’s over! I am now serving as CVYR’s Media specialist and California Connections Coordinator. If I could be any animal, I would be a doe, even though I am neither graceful nor coordinated enough to be one. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer like Tolkien, but now I’m a writer for Crown Valley. My hero is definitely Doc Holiday.

I came to the ranch in January of 2017 looking for something to fill my spare time. I had recently left my job and wanted something meaningful to do. I was so blessed to have come to the ranch when I did and Aaron put me in charge of the small animal program. Being involved in something bigger than myself with people who love Jesus and strive to serve has made me a better person and has truly blessed my walk with the Lord.

Meet our Ranch Hands

Mark and Sylvia Amaral – Caretakers


Linda Dickey – Arts & Crafts assistant/volunteer