Fun With Goo!

A big crafting hit with some of the younger kids at CVYR is goo. It’s so simple to make and it brings a lot of giggles. Here are some step by step instructions to make our 5 star ranking goo.


  • Liquid Starch (around 1/2 cup)
  • 5 0z. Clear Elmer’s Glue (white glue works fine too)
  • Food Coloring
  • Fine Glitter

Step 1: First, pour your glue into a large bowl.

Step 2: Add coloring of your choice and glitter (add according to preference). Then, stir!

Step 3: Add liquid starch in slowly while continuously stirring.

Step 4: When the slime becomes tough to stir, that is when you can start kneading the starch in.

Step 5: A 1/2 cup may not be enough, so when the goo reaches your preferred consistency, stop pouring the starch. If goo becomes too rubbery, add more glue!

Step 6: HAVE FUN!

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