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Things are a’changin

Things are a'changin Over the last few weeks things have been movin' and shakin'. We have been adding some character to the petting zoo while also giving the animals some fun new play areas. We built a fence inside the classroom area so we could have easy access to the Creepy Crawly area without the…
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Hoof Trimming: Goat Edition!

Trimming goat hooves The Ark Petting Zoo is always a lot of fun no matter what we are doing. We spent last Tuesday trimming the goat’s hooves. They were very curious and wanted to come into the classroom area where we were working, but once they were in the classroom they tried to escape. The…
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The Ark Petting Zoo

The Ark petting zoo There is never a dull moment in the Petting Zoo at Crown Valley Youth Ranch! With the Alpaca Team, comprised of Chewbacca-(aka 'Chewie' ) and Kramer, leading the way in the 'Social Butterfly Club", our surrounding community has certainly been entertained and thrilled to meet and greet these fascinating creatures. They…
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