Lacey's Blog

Lacey Patrick is the Media Specialist at Crown Valley Youth Ranch. She is currently attending Biola University, working towards her degree in Psychology with a minor in Biblical Studies. Her blogs discuss interpersonal relationships. She’s known as “Bullfrog Legs” around these parts.

Jazmine's Blog

Jazmine Shannon is the Volunteer Manager and Craftsman Coordinator at Crown Valley Youth Ranch. She has a heart for young girls and constantly strives to build them up in the Gospel. Many of her blogs are about sharing the Gospel one-on-one, and many craft tutorials can also be found in her blogs. We call her, “Squirrel”.

Ali's Blog

Alison Kistler is the mom of all mom’s. She not only cares for the animals at Crown Valley, but also her own kiddos. If you see a random baby running around the ranch, it’s probably hers. She writes about motherhood and the struggles that mothers are faced with day-to-day. She is also know as CVYR’s “Goat Mama”.

Hailey's Blog

Hailey Stambach is responsible for the Horticulture Program and CVYR. Equipped with a B.S. in Social Work from Cedarville University, she is always striving to make a change in kids’ lives. She posts many gardening blogs. She is also known as “Drumsticks”.