A Word from a cowpoke (or a few)

Hi, my name is MacKenzie, and I am a Cowpoke Program Volunteer at CVYR. The cowpoke program focuses on creating a work environment for the kids who choose to help, and giving jobs to them in order to build their skills. A group of Cowpoke volunteers and I have worked on building fences, pulling weeds, painting, and other jobs around the ranch.


       The Cowpoke Program also takes interests that each child has and uses these interests to help them learn life skills. For example, I have an interest in photography and media, which is, in fact, why I am writing this now.

       Two other cowpokes, Paige Newton and Noel May, both have an interest in Garden and Landscaping. They have helped Hailey Stambach in the Jeremiah Garden by pulling weeds and spreading mulch.

       Paige has testified that this program has helped her to work better with groups, to expect anything, and using these tools she has learned to work hard. Noel has agreed with that and added that it’s taught her to work with a good attitude.

These two volunteers said that they both would recommend this program to others, seeing how well it has taught them to work. I have enjoyed this program because of the teaching I have received, both working outside, and learning photography.  


Jazmine Shannon is a leader of the program, which she uses in order to teach work ethics. “Work ethics are biblical, and those biblical ethics can be used ANYWHERE”, she says.

       Jazmine enjoys seeing people with a sense of accomplishment after hard work, and she sees it a lot leading this program. Planting trees, building fences, and woodworking are some of the chores she has overseen and helped out with during this program

       The cowpoke program is great for learning work ethics, and skills needed, not just out on the ranch, but even projects at home.

MacKenzie Newton

MacKenzie Newton

MacKenzie is a part of the cowpoke program at CVYR and enjoys learning photography and media as a part of the program.