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Projects Around the Ranch

     Cowpoke volunteers have been hard at work this summer, coming every Wednesday to help with the chores and tasks at CVYR. Painting, landscaping, and spreading mulch in the garden are some of the projects here.

      Paige Newton and Noel May work together the majority of the time, and have had some interesting work opportunities lately. Last week, these two girls began working on a fence to put up around some aloe planted in front of the petting zoo.

Today, they put up the small fence, to keep the plants from getting stepped on. They stained the wood and have been working now on putting rocks in the landscape. The project is coming together nicely, even after some troubles in the beginning. The fence gave them a few difficulties in the building, but they were able to figure it out, resulting in the neat, tidy landscape it is now.

Clay Newton, Isaac Hughes, and Jake Iveson have been working hard at their chores recently. Today has been full of miscellaneous tasks, such as rearranging shelves full of potted plants in the garden, taking down and stacking fences, and dumping trash, while replacing it with another fertilizer type substance. They have been spreading mulch in the garden, which is so needed all the time. These boys have been working with Aaron Ernst, director of CVYR. He instructs the boys, and occasionally the girls, working hard alongside the cowpokes.

I have been working recently on projects such as, writing articles like this one. I’ve been learning so much under Lacey Patrick. Photography and media are the two biggest subjects she has taught me. I am writing this as practice, putting it up on the CVYR website for you all to read, so that I can work on learning how to manage a website with articles and blogs.

The cowpokes have worked hard and long, so we can make the ranch (and its website!) neater and cleaner. We have all learned so much, and it’s been a great opportunity for us all.

MacKenzie Newton

MacKenzie Newton

MacKenzie is a part of the cowpoke program at CVYR and enjoys learning photography and media as a part of the program.